2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L Plus Lease

Hi all. I’m new to this and not sure if I’m asking the right things but just looking for thoughts/advice. I was looking at leasing or purchasing a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, and a dealer offered a lease of 36 months at 15k miles per year for $450 a month on a Touring L Plus. No money down (just first month’s payment). And they are also paying nearly $1000 to finish the last payments on a VW lease I have.

I’m not sure if you can advise if that is worthwhile, or what I need to examine to know if it decent. I am located in Northern NJ, and the MSRP is $41,505.

Thanks in advance!

Doesn’t seem too bad, especially at 15k/yr and they are doing your VW payments. Need more details though, does it include tax, selling price, MF, rebates etc.

Honestly, this was with 0 negotiating. I wasn’t even intending to come close to purchasing or leasing, I really just wanted to look at the van. The sales manager came out, made an offer, and then kept dropping his offer until he got to what I mentioned above.

I just didn’t know if the numbers, on paper, sounded decent. Or if I can do better and lower my monthly payment any. I know it’s probably impossible to tell without more information, but I have nothing else as of now.

Search on here, there’s a few deals posted. If you’re looking at mini vans this seems to be the only one leasing well right now.