2018 Chevy Volt LT or Premier

I am looking to lease 2018 Chevy Volt LT for one-pay 8k, 36k miles / 3 yr. Can you help me understand if this is a reasonable offer? Thanks!

You’re not giving nearly enough information and thus your post is nearly worthless. Sales price, MF, residual, incentives, fees, MSRP, etc

From this forum i have learnt that folks have been able to get Volt LT(leather + Bose) with MSRP of about 35.5K with a Onepay lease of 7K. So i am sure if there is inventory still available in Nov/December then one will be able to get LT in the 7-8K onepay lease price.

@trips123 - right. What I learned is -

  1. There isn’t enough inventory for 2018s.
  2. GM reduced the discount offered on 2018 Volt. starting November. resulting in lease prices go up by another 1K at least.

It doesn’t make sense to lease 2018 Volt LT for more than 8k granted that 2019s are rolling in. I don’t qualify for existing GM lease discount since I don’t have current lease. The only discounts I am qualified for are Costco member and GM supplier.

I am looking to lease 2018 Chevy Volt LT. In norcal, The only dealer it has was Momentum Chevy. They have 150 left. If anyone got a deal recently from them. Please post the deals here. Thanks!

Would help to negotiate accordingly.

I’m also looking - maybe someone should organize a lease groupbuy? ha

Is this after PG&E & California rebates ($2K) 10K annual miles?

What are the best lease deals on plug-in hybrid cars in bay area? Looking for best price deal.


read up on the site, or hire a broker.

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You posted this 15 days ago and was told that this is not how the forum works but decided to try again anyway? Stupidity at its finest


and then opened a topic for it that @jon just closed. Must really want everyone else to do his dirty work.

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Whats Stupidity Here?? I’m asking for the advice. Interested people will post the deals they got.

The fact that you’ve been told that people don’t come crawling to you to post their deals and yet you continue to beg for that.

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You really do have to put in some of the leg work. Search for the residual, MF, and examples of discounts seen on this site and others then pump it into the calculator. Remember, past performance is not an indicator of future results. What state are you in? I usually gauge Chevy deals by what is posted by @chevysalesgirl If you are in California that is what I would expect to be among the best deals.

You are right, 2018s are gone and 2019s are not as incentivized (I think).

People interested in deals will use the search button or get called out like you


ever since that guy posted that he presents offer what he thinks it should be, i’ve even gotten a lot of messages with it. like walking into home depot and telling them how much you want a hammer for. doesn’t work like that. so i can understand his mess, and just needs to do his own legwork and shop.

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Momentum has one time payment offer or 10,000 miles on base model. I believe it is around $9K,