2018 Chevy Bolt LT

Hey. Just got off of a grueling utility shift due to the noreaster here in MA. Stopped in quick by a Chevy dealer near where I was working. I was in a hurry to get home and sleep but grabbed some numbers from the salesman. I am missing a few. This deal any good with what I was able to grab?

2018 Bolt w/ DCFC/driver confidence 1/comfort package

MSRP: $39295
Terms: 36/20k
Residual: $18600
No money down

$389 a month +tax

We looked at the Bolt. Do you really want an all electric car? The bolt is like a college student car the type of car or you keep the rear seat down all the time. The seats in the rear are especially hard they are very thin because that’s where the batteries are underneath the rear seat. We ended up getting a Ford Fusion SE Energi. It’s a far far larger and nicer car but with only 21 miles of electric range. Our total cost is 365 a month including tax. Yes indeed the trunk sucks. But our car is loaded with many. options and it works great (600 mile range!) My close friend was a Ford executive and he said that if you commute long distances you should definitely get adaptive cruise control on any new car.