2018 Challenger SXT money factor concerns

MSRP: 28,585
Sales Price: 24,100
MF: .00044
Residual: 56%
0 down
Monthly: $303

I’m not sure I can get a money factor of .00044 with my credit history. I have a lack of installment loan history and my total history is only about 15 months old. My take home is 2200 a month at a company I just started with and my current FICO 8 score is 736. Wanted to keep the payment at 300 fees and tax included 0 down but a higher money factor would kill that and I’m not certain if I would be approved or what I would be offered.

I think you should be able to do better. Especially with such a low MSRP. My SXT plus had an MSRP of $35,075 and i’m paying $299 with tax included and 1k drive off. Here’s my post.