2018 Challenger hellcat wide body lease offer

So I just got that phone call yesterday… the offer is in CA and was for an MSRP of $79,265, 3 years, 10,000 miles, $649.99/mo. (Pre tax), and $3,999 down. I didn’t go over the details and have not attempted a counter offer just yet since I will be out of state for the week. I will be going out to that dealer this coming weekend. What do you guys think of the initial offer??

It sounds like the national advertised offer. Basically the same as the offer they have always done.

You would be looking at a monthly of about $840 with zero down and standard drive offs, which I don’t think you need me to tell you is not a good deal.

Wow, I didn’t even realize that Dodge had lease support for the 2018 models. Should have looked there first before posting. So I built the exact same model at www.dodge.com and it looks like they’re giving me a $1300 dealer discount. I don’t know how willing they’ll be but I’m going to try and push for more to make it a better deal. It looks like $629/mo with $3999 down is the magic number for the <1%MSRP which would bring the monthly total including taxes to $798.29.

The 3999 down pushes you over the 1%. What’s the breakdown of the 3999?

At $630/mo + tax = $688/mo.
Roll in the $3999 into the 36 month lease = $799.35/mo

Hi, Im frying to findout if i can lease a challenger hellxat widebody manual trans, below 700 if possible. did you take that lease? and was this vehicle custom ordered? thank you