2018 Cayman PDK ($598/mo) & 2018 Boxster MANUAL($699) lease deals!

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Taxes, DMV, 1st month, $1095 Bank fee due upfront

2018 Cayman PDK



2018 Boxster Manual





That cayman looks familiar :slight_smile:

Whats the story here?
@Bostoncarconcierge @nextlevelautobrokers

This is the story of how DK and I became friends!

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Wow! that is an awesome deal!

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This is a great deal too!
There is a 2018 lease program?!

Let me get a 6spd 718 boxster plz

These are CPO leases. I had this one but just sold a few days ago. @discountsales2020

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I’m not going to ask what the deal was for that just for my sanity

who are these through? PFS?

Yes sir! PFS CPO lease

Base boxster from 2017 for $788 + tax plus a handful of money DAS…

Im sorry but how is this attractive? Car is worth in the $40s from latest MRR reports. $500 a month sure its prime time in June for a vert… but the numbers seem high

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It’s Porsche, they don’t believe in leasing, you pay to play

a new one leases at $900+. Also no cars out there.

New Cayman deal guys! @nextlevelautobrokers

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These don’t get welcome to Porsche, do they?

Unfortunately no

Porsche is leasing CPO cars? Nice! What you get the balance of the factory warranty (4/50) and what’s the CPO coverage?

They always have. They dont always work out but at the moment CPO Caymans, Boxsters and Macans lease well. Remaining of the factory warranty + 2 years/unlimited on the CPO

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Cayman is sold!

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Hopefully by you! Good job!