2018 Camry SE Gray $224+ tax $0 drive-off

Hi all. It’s my time to lease again.

I’ve calling around 10 different dealership and broker about 2018 Camry se.
This is only talking on the phone and got some price.

Let me know what you guys think about price.

2018 Camry se
MSRP $ 26637
Selling price $22854 (about 14% dc MSRP)
Rebate $1250 lease cash
Residual 56%

Monthly payment $224 + tax
$0 down $0 drive off. (35 payments)

SoCal ( my tax 7.75%) monthly payment include tax will be $ 241.36

It’s been only 3 days I start to look I didn’t negotiate any price yet.
Just asked price and got some. I don’t have more details like mf. Etc. but I think it’s same or similar nomember no.

Plz let me know what you guys think this price. I’ll return current 2015 Prius two lease car ( paying $150+tax $3000 drive-off) and lease Camry next week.

I’d like to hear the opinions on your deal as well. I am talking with a dealer in Colorado about a Camry SE MSRP $26,319, selling price $21,855, 0 down + 0 drive off for $210 a month before tax. It sounds like you may be able to talk them down more but I’m not sure if I can do better than what I just got quoted.

Yeh. Seems selling price little high due to sHort supply SE trim. I have to call back and see what they best offer.

In Chicago if you are a register Uber driver you get another $750 rebate. Check your region or dealer. Sign up takes a couple days tho which would prob put you into January lease programs. Anyone’s guess where lease cash will go.

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