2018 Cadillac CTS AWD $360/month 54.2k msrp 20 months left NY ONLY Many miles left $1.5k DAS

2018 Cadillac CTS AWD
MSRP: $54,265
Monthly payment: $360

Current mileage: 18,700
Maturity mileage: 44,200
Effective miles per month: 1,275 (equivalent to 15k+ year)
Maturity date: January 26, 2022

Cash due: $1,500 to me.

Financial institution: GM Financial
Transfer fee: $595 owed to GM (payed by buyer)
Only NY transfer allowed.

Payment is well under 1% of MSRP and remains so even if you divide the $1.5k due to me and the $595 due to GM for transfer.
I’m charging $1.5k to cover the money I put DAS, to cover the extra miles I paid for and didn’t use (I paid for 12k/year), and to cover the aftermarket tire insurance and excess wear waiver that I purchased for a combined $925 which I believe is transferrable (confirm with me).
Car is perfect for someone who wants a good deal on a nice car for a short period of time and wants the many miles. The miles are equivalent to 15,300 miles/year.

Panoramic sunroof.
Power tilt, telescope steering wheel.
Heated steering wheel.
Heated/Cooled front seats.
Android auto/Apple Car Play.
Bose Sound.
Remote start.
Look at window sticker for all options.

Pics below.

If interested or if you have any questions, DM me or for faster response email me at: hsdiversifiedholdings @gmail .com (without spaces)

Have you confirmed that GM Financial is processing transfers at this time?

You cannot emphasize “TAX INCLUDED” because the next lessee will be taxed again.

NY will tax again, even though this has to stay in NY per GMF transfer policy?

Yup, AFAIK! As frustrating as that is, NYS views it like selling a car. Every time it changes hands it gets taxed.


That just seems cruel :frowning:

Doesn’t sound legal to me

You can’t fight city hall as they say.

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Haven’t confirmed yet. Thanks for the heads up! I guess if I find a buyer then we’ll take it from there. If we have to wait a few weeks then so be it. But I doubt they won’t be processing transfers as that’s the most profitable thing for them to do.

Thanks for the info. Did not know this. Although can’t say I’m very surprised NY is trying to make some extra bucks.

Yeah it’s unfair but good luck with your transfer. Consider spending ~$100 to put it on swapalease and getting more eyeballs.

Sounds like a good idea. Maybe I’ll do in a few days. Also, now that I see that the buyer will have to pay tax I’m gonna lower the DAS.

I had a different experience in February. Took a Ram 1500 lease from someone in NJ from Swapalease and received a letter from financial company saying that taxes were already payed and that it was not a change of title. I got a form at DMV and didn’t have to pay taxes again. Just plate transfer fee from another Ram I had and sold to Vroom. DMV office I went is in Westchester NY