2018 C43 Lease Question

Hey everyone,

Really pumped that this site exists. Need some help from you guys because I think I can get a decent deal.

Please note prices are in Canadian (1USD = .77CAD)…

2018 C43
Showroom Demo Model, 60 miles on it
Base Model, only has Night Edition as an extra. No premium pack, No AMG pack, No Nav.

This is where I’m at so far. Maintenance and Lease Protection Classic included.

MSRP 57,300 (+ Fees -~4000 in discounts)

After first round of negotiation.
39 Months (18k KM/12k Miles)
2.9 APR
Down: 1350
Residual: 54%
Before tax Monthly: 784.00

45 Months (18k KM/12k Miles)
2.9 APR
Down: 1350
Residual: 50%
Before tax Monthly: 742.00

Can I get this lower?

Any help would be appreciated.


Probably many people on here know the Canadian car market, but why does your title say “No Mileage” but you also state it has “~90KM on it.”

Is this a Canadian car you’re importing here, or are you in Canada?

Corrected the title. Meant to say limited mileage.

I’m living in Canada buying from a local dealership.

Remove the maintenance package!

At this point you are not likely to get a big discount because 19s are coming soon. Further, the demo mileage is negligeable so don’t expect a bigger discount vs a new unit but try to shoot for at least 10-12% as a base. What model type is this, a coupe?

Sedan. Would they not be eager to move it with the 19’s coming with a new design and more powerful engine?

It really depends on the dealer and their inventory situation. Some treat them like gold while others may deal. Until 19s are in the show room I don’t imagine they are going to fire sale it.

Last in stock, new or demo. They’ve been trying to shift it since June. Having trouble due to lack of performance exhaust.

Closed at 45 months, 520USD/675CAD down and 520USD/675CAD per month before tax.

Had to take out the maintenance.

All fees included minus the plates.

I feel pretty good about the deal, any thoughts?

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Mathematically I think it’s a solid deal when you factor in MSRP and monthly, although hard for a lot of US folks to judge your market.

Personally, I would have waited for the 19’s as the C43 got some serious upgrades in powerplant, interior, exterior, etc and I would have had major FOMO once I started seeing those on the road.

New one was out of my budget. Got somewhere around 17% off MSRP and wasn’t going to get anywhere near that with the new model.

I was in the market for an A3/XC-40 but jumped on this deal when I saw it. Never thought I could land a C43 for 5 something a month with 500$ down and no MSD.

I can get it serviced anywhere and I have a cheaper garage option.

It’s only cheaper if you would get it serviced at the dealership. The most cost effective way to service your vehicle is with an independent mechanic that you trust. Performing the scheduled maintenance is required, it is not required have service at a Lexus Dealership.

For example, on my 30K mile lease for the Lexus RC-F, the 1K and 5K service were included regardless. Additional services were as follows;

10K Service - $75 - Includes 5W30 oil change/filters and cabin air filter replacement ($10)
15K Service - $65 - Includes 5W30 oil change/filters
20K Service - $75 - Includes 5W30 oil change/filters and cabin air filter replacement ($10)
25K Service - $65 - Includes 5W30 oil change/filters

Total 3 year cost of $280 and I don’t have to drive/deal with the dealership. Even if you residualize you’re coming out way ahead just going the independent route.

If you read the Scheduled Maintenance log for your vehicle, it’s a lot of “visual inspections”, “checking fluid levels”, “checking window wipers”, “checking tire thread”, “check installation of floor mats”, etc.