2018 C300 Sedan Loaner Lease

Good Morning Everyone,

My lease ends in March and I don’t think I will be able to lease 2019 loaner car, so I’m planning to lease 2018 c 300 loaner when the stocks are available.

Here are the numbers I received:

MSRP: $44075
Discount: $6910
Price: $37165

This dealer gave me two options for 36/ 10k and this loaner car has 4070 miles on it. He told me that this deal is only available if I come in today. MF .00032 and rv 56%

1.1752 drive off including 1st mo payment and dmv
$372+tax= $407

  1. 587 drive off including 1st mo payment and dmv
    $403+tax= $441

It just seems very high for a 18 C class. I don’t know the residual or the MF at this time.

Also, when I look at the detail page it says

total car price (including P1) $43,080
Destination & Delivery $995


However, on the dealer’s page, the car price was $40075.

I’m very confused what the car price is and why am I getting charged for the delivery fee?

Can anyone help me with this please? :frowning:
Thanks everyone.

Solid, typical real world offer. I’d make an effort to try to get 20-30 off a month with whatever strategy you prefer (going in for final or calling is what I would do). This is assuming you really want the car. If you’re indifferent, I’d shoot for a little more off and keep looking in parallel. It’s only the 4th.

edit - also get the money factor. Make sure they’re not marking up the MF.