2018 Buick Encore Lease ! $140 +tax only 1st due signing ! FLORIDA GROUP LEASE

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BUICK ENCORE PREFERRED
MSRP: $ 25,XXX
Monthly Payment: $140+TAX
Drive-Off Amount: $ 140+ TAX
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10K
Available Incentives: $5750
Leasehackr Score: NOT SURE
Saved Calculator Link: N/A
Location: FLORIDA

Guys this deal is for residents of FLORIDA ONLY who can take delivery by end of FRIDAY or maybe SATURDAY! I need 4 more individuals for this deal to go through by tomorrow evening. As the subject states, it is a GROUP BUY ! I AM NOT CHARGING A BROKER FEE AND THE DEALER IS NOT PAYING ME A DIME FOR THIS.
FIRST 4 individuals who PM me will be in on this

You all are familiar with the $122.83 Encore deal I worked out in MO and got it shipped out to S. FL for my cousin shipping was $400. Basically got a lot of interest from family and friends locally and some people reached out to me through the forums and i tried to help them. I had an interest of about 10 people from S.FL and 7 people from out of state but the original dealer wasn’t able to work more vehicles out. After trying 4 dealers in MO and about 8 different dealers in FLORIDA, thanks to GLH280 I have worked out a deal with a local FL dealer. As Glh280 had approached me to add him on my list but ended up hitting local dealers as well after original dealer fell out. I would like to give him a lot of credit for this help. I CAN NOT TELL YOU NAME OF DEALER or PERSON IM DEALING WITH. There is no SALESMEN in between and I CAN NOT RISK the whole deal due to someone being impatient or selfish.

Once you send me a PM, I will pass the email address for the dealer so you can send driver license, registration and insurance proof to dealer.
You will apply for credit ONLINE or in PERSON at the dealership once you have been approved for the rebates by the dealer.

I will update this thread if anything changes



I just updated this thread. This deal is for all of Florida. Whoever can drive down to S. Florida to take delivery by tomorrow. Im not sure about Saturday.

Update 2 spots left !

this is a great deal especially for S.FL. Probably the cheapest lease for a nice car currently available in S.FL.
Good job on making it happen as a group buy.

Thanks man !
Wouldn’t have been possible without help from this forum !

Update 1 spot remaining.

Bump ! Still 1 slot available !

Mani any luck filling it yet?

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1 slot left. Deal is on with 8 already. He has 1 more available. He is checking on if he can do for one in PA. Has to verify rebate qualification on his end.

If anyone is interested there may be 2 similar deals in Orlando too. Not the exact deal, but some variation of if.

Bump 2020202020202020

Sold !!!
Only 3 Demos left ! Deal is not the same

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All Sold. Mods please CLOSE TOPIC. thanks