2018 Buick Encore... am I doing this right?

I am new to the leasing scene (as my question(s) might indicate) but I have done my research and legwork. There are just a few questions I have and want to verify info before I approach a dealer and make myself look like a fool. I know last month there were fantastic deals on the Buick Encore but I feel like there are still some quality deals in my area (64133 - Kansas City, MO). A dealer near me has the Buick Encore listed at $15,930, this is $10,000 off the MSRP of $25,930. My main question is do the dealer incentives like this apply to new car purchases and leases just the same?

Assuming I were to qualify for the full 10K off of MSRP, I’ve figured the math to work out as follows:

If I’m off base, I apologize but I do appreciate any insight so I can gain a deeper understanding of the process.

Incentives on lease are different from purchase. Last months incentives on lease before dealer lease cash were between 5750 and 6750 varies with each state. TX had an extra incentive.