2018 Boxster Quote - MF seems high

Hello -

Thanks for this forum…after almost 30 years of buying cars I’m interested in my first lease so getting to know the ins & outs of leases, especially RV/MF etc! I’m curious if the MF is negotiable (I have nearly 800 credit) or if there’s anything glaring and out of whack! The RV seems high at .64 which I think is the max considering these cars do better than average at holding their value. Thanks!

Couple things:

  1. Porsche are notoriously bad for leasing. They don’t have to do much to sell their cars, so they don’t discount much, and the money factor (interest) is incredibly high.

  2. $5000 “aftermarket” charge is what exactly?

  3. Don’t put money down as a cap reduction (the $17xx something they have as cap, unless that’s just taxes added up)

  4. Probably going to be better off doing a finance if your heart is set on a porsche


Thanks for the quick feedback. :slight_smile: The 5K aftermarket is for upgraded wheels. Regarding #3, it’s listed as 0 so not sure where you’re getting $17xx. Thoughts?

This should be at 730 + tax + drive offs for 39 months. Skip the wheels


The aftermarket rims don’t seem to be residualised, which means you’re actually paying for them on top of depreciation and money factor. And money factor 7.2% wow!

Might make more sense for you to buy rims and wheels after, then slap the originals back on when returning the lease.

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I’m pretty sure the MF is 0.00250 so you can negotiate to get them down to the buy rate given the tiny discount. As Conte said, Porsche is just a bad lease so expect the worst

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I would agree with most of what MConte says. However, “they don’t discount much” applies to some of their models but not all. Especially Boxsters. People are not breaking down the doors to buy them. The reason is that you are maybe $15K or so away from a Carrera for $70K+ on a Boxster.

Unless you are dead set on a particular car a certain dealer has, you can typically negotiate a $500 to $1000 over invoice deal (there is approximately 10% between invoice and MSRP). Also, the $5K for the wheels is driving about $140 of that payment (unless they are residualizing, which I highly doubt). Also, it looks like the acquisition fee is being marked up.

Anyway, go for an “over invoice” deal, get rid of the wheels, and have them reduce the acquisition fee. Also, Porsche’s MFs are high but not that high. Probably more like .0015 for a car like that through Porsche. Ask them to show you the rate sheet. It looks like you need to shop around.

Sorry, looked closer and it’s $11xx that 1 looked like a 7 at quick glance.

Anyways, yea that MF is insane. Quick way to make it relatable to an interest rate is to multiply it by 2400, so 0.00300*2400= 7.2%

I’m sure you are a smart guy, would you take out an auto loan with a 7.2% interest on a $35k note? That’s essentially what this deal is offering. The residual is attractive, the discount is nothing, and the money factor is insane. I’d pass.

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I agree completely. 8-9% off on a Boxster is very doable.

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I am a smart guy, but not as smart as you guys. :slight_smile: Knowledge is power…this forum rocks! I will take all of this into consideration…and maybe go with the “over invoice” deal…get the rims aftermarket for probably half the price!

I own a Boxster and can tell you that buying preowned is the way to go. These do not make sense to lease. Go on rennlist and 6speedonline and buy one private party from an enthusiast.

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And do one better, and get a Cayman. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know, I like that top down! :slight_smile:

I don’t blame you. Owned a 2002 boxster for two years a while back, cost $12k and loved that thing. Always hated them because of the stereotypes, then drove one sitting on a dealer lot since I was bored one day and ended up driving off with it. Went from that to a Lotus.

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Thank you all for the responses…really helps. I’ll keep you posted!

MF should be about .0020xx you can calculate that based on their own promotions on their website.

For instance, you can do a $108,000 MSRP Carerra for about 1300/mo with a reasonable dealer discount.

My sister in law just bought cayenne and MF was jacket up over buy rate The money factor is 280, buy rate is 250
she did get them to take 4k off and cut the MF mark up in half.

Boxter is a slow seller you should be able to get a nice discount.

Since its a lease buying wheels will just be a waste nobody going to pay you anywhere near 5k for them after 2 years. unless maybe you get HRE

They are making their profit on your 5k wheels.

10% discount should be doable. I can show you much nicer numbers all day from MA dealers

2018 Porsche 718 Boxster GT Silver Metallic / Standard Interior in Black 0 mi 6-speed manual transmission with dual mass flywheel 8080-3
$ 66,750.00

I think you mentioned you are in TX in another post. Texas charges sales tax on the full sales price for leases, so this is another reason your quote is so high. It is odd that the cap tax number is only $1104 on the deal sheet.