2018 Bolt EV Premiere Numbers- Advice Needed

Long time reader, first time poster here…

I’ve been studying the site and the excellent advice here, and even after taking it and using it when negotiating, I seem to not be getting the epic deals I was hoping for.

Case in point: My best negotiation on a 2018 Chevy Bolt Premiere lease (36/10) is:

MSRP- 43,600
Discounts (3,500 Clean Air + 2,000 dealership)
Drive Off- $4,000

MF- 2.38 (really the APR)
Residual- $24,444.

So, $4k down, $399/month all in.

I was expecting something better than that. Am I off here?

Thanks so much!


If you’re a long time reader then why do you have $4000 in driveoffs? Bolt hasn’t been leasing well. The amazing deals of November are long gone

No good offers on the Bolt EV now. You’re much better off buying it if you really want it (and pocketing the whole federal credit yourself).

Copy that- that was my instinct to check in about large drive off and no lease deals. Appreciate the help.

I just leased a Bolt LT with $1000 in options and did a Onepay for $11300. That was the best I could get. Monthly leases on the same car with $0 drive off was about $430. Wait for a slow time at your dealer and jump on it when you can.


that’s not a bad deal. Where is this? I am in the market for a bolt and would take this deal any day.