2018 BMW X5 Loaner

2018 BMW X5 (white and black with black sensatec)
MSRP: $58k
Sale price: $49.6k
10k miles per year lease X 36 months
$2500 out of your pocket = $517 plus tax = $557
$2500 includes 1st months payment, bank acquisition fee, doc fee, registration transfer fee and tax
or 0 down + $75 a month.

It’s a loaner with about 4k miles on it. any input?

What’s the lease cash in your area? Do you qualify for loyalty or anything similar?

Basically you need to understand how much of the discount is a real discount vs OEM rebates.

Hi Max- I don’t have loyalty. Ill ask him if the discount has lease case.

This is what I was given.

MSRP: $57,945
Sale price: $49,888
$2500 drive off = $557 a month (taxes included)
$0 = $644 a month (taxes included)

I asked what was in the $2500 and was told the following.

2k lease credit that is applied towards the drive off
$648.08 first payment
$182.14 cap reduction
$80 doc fee
$925 bank acquisition fee
$52 registration transfer fee
$112.78 tax on cap reduction and fees.
= 2k

Residual is .59

This lease any good? fair? thanks!

How many miles does the vehicle have? What is the money factor? You need to supply this information for more input on the lease.

sorry about that. its .00166 and about 4k miles.

not bad ! i’ll take that deal if i was in the market for it

This is a great deal. Which state?

3.9% APR ! Too high for my taste.
but its hot deal though!