2018 BMW x5 - final check up before signing..please suggest

Hi all!

I’m about to sign a deal tomorrow. I would like to ask for one final review and suggestions.

I think this is pretty good deal, but I wanted to confirm just in case if I missed anything since this is my 1st negotiated lease.

MSRP: $65,020
Selling Price: $57,542 (11.5% discount)
Cash Down (drive off): $1,591
Adjusted Cap Cost: $55,467
Rebate: $3,000
MF: 0.00152
Res: 59%

Monthly: $644 + tax

Thank you in advance!

Are you trying to be like @kmactheagent? This is your 4th BMW X5 thread in less than a month.


I’m so sorry Jon.

These are all different quote though…and this is the last one. My apologies…

It…sounds like I have to stick with one thread. My apologies again…I’m just not used to these thread system.

P.S: Tried to delete it, but it looks like there is no option to delete…

I’m not saying you shouldn’t post your potential deals for advise, but just keep it all in one thread since it’s for the same vehicle.

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I promise that I will not make another one. I’m so sorry again.

i just put this into a lease calc and it’s 11.5% off + then the $3k holiday.

That’s an amazing deal. The best % off MSRP I’ve seen so far! It beats the 10% that was the previous best.

It’s too bad you can’t get Corp fleet on top or the $1k cert in the east coast.

That being said, GREAT deal. Enjoy it.

Thank you so much! Yeah, I think this is best so far!

It was initially 10.5%, but…I just asked and it happened :slight_smile:

I just signed this deal, but then um…there was something I wasn’t happy about.

I was told at the last minute that the vehicle was imported to be used as a demo, but it was never used. It has only 12 miles on it, but it is considered as “used”

even vehicle description on my lease agreement has check box on “Used”.

I signed the deal since price is right and it only has 12 miles, but then it was somewhat sketchy. Do you have any thoughts on it or have similar experience? Do you think I should have pushed more discount?

With 12 miles on the clock the only person who will know is you. Hell, many “New” cars have more than that on the clock at inception after test drives, etc. I wouldn’t worry as long as you got the price you were happy with and were satisfied with the condition of the car at delivery. This isn’t an M3 or something, I doubt that anyone hooned it during those 12 miles.

Yeah, I think that’s how I quickly thought when I signed the contract. It just feels like sketch as my CA never told me about this. Thank you for your input.

Two threads… I’ll keep my comments in this one.

My BMW demo had over 7K miles and was leased to me as ‘new’. I’ll venture a guess and say your X5 was titled at one point and that’s why its sold as ‘used’. 12 miles? Don’t worry about it.

Sorry about threads again. I really did not mean that this time again, but it looks like it happened. I guess I’m just a little bit upset as I keep thinking about it since I think it’s unethical to not disclose about it. Finding it out right after I signed a few paperworks seems like planned in a way. Just wanted to hear other people’s thoughts…