2018 BMW X5 demo lease

Hello hackers here is a deal on a 2018 X5 demo with 4,000 miles that’s been presented to me:

MSRP: 63,835
Selling price: 51,993
MF: 0.00216
RV: 59%
Payment: 667+tax

Dealer told me that there are no incentives that I could apply towards the price. He also told me that he is losing about 3K on the deal so he’s marked up the MF to recoup about 1500.

How much is due at signing? And where are you located? A lot of the country has a buy rate of .00166 which means the max they could mark it up would be to .00206.

However, the price is a little high for a loaner with 4,000 miles. BMW gave them a lot of money if the 4000 miles were used for service loaners, so I doubt they are losing that much, and even if they were, thats not your problem.

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is it a 40e or 35i? If it’s a 40e they’ve already pocketed the federal grant for around $6k

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That’s what I was thinking… why would there be no incentives??

It’s a 35i. I asked them about Costco and the sales manager told me that I can’t get that because it’s a loaner.

I’d tell him he’s needs to lose another $2k to make it a decent deal.

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In what state is this deal?

Yeah you’re limited with incentives and rebates with it being a demo. If you’re not in a rush for a vehicle and after the best deal try and hold out. Current X5 has stopped production and the new X5 will hit dealers in a couple of months so the end of month periods for August, Sept and Oct will be best times to get deals.

You can use Costco or Corporate Fleet on loaners now.

The dealer is in Colorado. He can ship it to my state which is WA for 1K.

I don’t know why the dealer told me that I can’t. Do you know if I can get the BMW drivers club rebate as well?

I must have misheard him when he told me the MF over the phone. It’s probably 0.00206 but he was open about it and told me that he’s marked it up to recoup 1500 bucks. If I end up countering I will try to lower it to the normal MF. The dealer is in CO and I am in WA. I am confirming if all the drive offs are rolled into the monthly payment.

Kind of surprised that a Colorado dealer would be your best deal, I’m assuming the Cali dealers won’t do out of state deals? And since you’re looking at one in Colorado I assume you’ve scoured the west coast.

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WA is tough and CA won’t do out of state deal. I wasn’t even looking for an X5 but I spotted this demo which appeared to have a good discount. The dealer will ship for 1K which will effectively add about 30/mo. The payment is a bit high for me though even after the discount. My budget is up to 450/mo for a nice vehicle (RX350 in mind). Otherwise, I will be hunting for a 2019 Infiniti QX50 for less than 400 bucks.

By the way do you know if I can do MSDs? I remember reading something about a change in BMW’s policy regarding MSDs.

When you say they won’t do out of state, are you not able to fly in and drive it home? I know it’s a long way to drive home and some dealers won’t deliver without you signing in person. Cali will be consistently the best place to get a deal though.

Have you thought about the 40e, with the federal/state hybrid rebates and targeting loaners/demos they should be cheaper than the 35i. They’re peppy even with the 2.0l engine.

I have no problem flying down to CA and driving the car back. However, all the dealers i’ve talked to require proof of CA residency and won’t lease to out of state people. I will have to look into the 40e model.

If Cali dealers won’t lease to out of state address. Can you do cash or finance on your own?

I prefer to lease. If I find a really good deal I might pull the trigger but in general I don’t want to be stuck owning a German car for a long period. The cost of maintenance in Seattle is brutal.