2018 BMW X5 Demo in NJ $687


I am working on a deal for a demo 2018 X5 with about 4500 miles on it
Its black on black drivers assist and PP

Sales Price 57,995 + 2500 incentives
36 Months/15K miles
MF .00142 Residual 56%
Drive Off 2K + 2K in taxes = 4K
Payment is 687/Month

Does it seem high for a car with 4500 miles on it? A little more I probably can get a brand new 2019

Feedback is appreciated

Discount is very meh for 4500 miles loaner

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Yes, it is not good. Search the forum as there are several recent local X5 examples including similar cars available now via trusted brokers. You should be at minimum 17% discount before incentives on a X5 loaner especially due to the reduced RV and lack of $1K CCA post sale rebate. Does the MF assume MSDs? standard is .00177 but you didn’t specifically mention MSDs.

Thank you for sharing my name Britten.
That deal seems way off
are you sure you have your facts correct ?

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Yes. the paper I have has the MF at .00142 bc they had added 7 MSD which would have reduced the payment about $30

Ok, that MF makes sense and is not being inflated. But 11% off a loaner is terrible, but there is also limited stock, especially if you want the driver assist package. I had multiple dealers offer 17% off with limited negotiation and got 1 closer to 19% for a X5 loaner. Someone just got a 2019 X5 for $689/month via @stellarauto so wouldn’t even entertain this.

I think your RV is technically lower than 56% due to the mileage penalty.

May I know how to get the $1k CAA rebate? Thanks!

Join BMW CCA for $130 for 3 years and submit the rebate through their website post purchase. X5 is $1,000 so you net $870 but can take 12-16 weeks to be proceed. Loaners do NOT qualify.

Thank you! Good deal!