2018 BMW x5 5.0 M Sport


Looking at a 2018 X5 5.0 with M sport
36 month/15k miles
MSRP is $83,000 -
Rebates - $4500 - is this correct?
Selling price before rebates is $74,000.
$1100 due at signing
$6500 in MSDs
56% residual
$929 per month
Zip code - 07869

Hows it look? stuck between this car and a 540 m sport. Appreciate the feedback!

How much is the 540i M sport?

Are they both brand new or with some miles on them?

Both brand new cars 0 miles - 540 is around $800 a month same due at signing. MSRP is around $68k on the 540.

Get all the details on the 540i lease offer. Might be more room there.

2019 BMW 540 M Sport
MSRP - $68,160
Selling Price - $60,960
$1,000 lease cash
MF: .00188 (base rate) before MSD
MSD - $5100
Residual: 58%
36 Month - 15k miles
Monthly Payment - $819
Due at signing: $1100

If you’re in the 900 range have a look at the M550i. It’s a beast if you want it to be, otherwise an amazing luxury machine. Might be some hefty discounts there next month. In any case, check it out before you commit to the 540i or X5 (totally different experience) for 36 mos

540 deal is pretty bad.


How so? It’s 11% off MSRP before rebates. Not sure I would call that a bad deal. The money factor sucks but that’s the case with any BMW and i’m rolling NJ tax and NJ luxury tax into payment. Only $1100 DAS which is first month and some DMV fees. Also has 15k miles a year. Most dealers won’t even touch that deal in NJ.

Last Dec I ordered my car at 76k and got 9500 off. I had 5k in incentives, MSD and 10k miles but imo that payment is to much for all the options it’s missing.

How is any current deal going to match yours when there is $4,000 less in incentives?

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Not saying it should compare but the car has been out for a while now. Might find a deal on a 550 that’s been sitting

Bad? They want 1K a month on this car (540i M Sport) in DMV area!

And that makes any other deal for less money good? :smirk::joy:

Find me someone getting a better deal on the 540 with same MSRP with only $1k in rebates. 11% off MSRP is pretty damn good from what I have seen on this forum and others. BMW is not giving dealers any support on them right now unless you currently own a BMW. I am waiting until 1st week of December to pull the trigger - hoping they increase incentives on 2018 models.

It was not in relation to your deal and I was replying to dmitry.

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But from my perspective, 800 is a rock solid deal, in comparison to our 1000 dollar leases here in Maryland…and many BMW shoppers would be super glad to take that deal.

That’s what I said - the “deals” you get should not be a measuring stick. They suck because you have to work on your deals.

Also 6% MD tax, and they way our leases are taxed does not help. Also our leases are usually 12k and 15k a year for the most part, and not 7.5k or 10k, hence the price is higher. Most dealers here at BMW do not want to give good numbers beside a few, who need to make deals.

Isn’t it everywhere, other than tax on the selling price?