2018 BMW X5 40e lease $912

I got this offer in GA for a new 2018 40e…suspect it is not very good…thoughts?

Bad deal. With the 2019 redesign coming out, you should be able to beat the 1% rule (700/mo). Also, 1.3k additional dealer addons which you might be able to negotiate off.


That belongs in worst leases of all time. Not something you should remotely consider unless you like making poor decisions

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Thanks, have been known to make a bad decision or two :smirk: I suspected. Is there anything blatant you see? I thought the 5.7 APR and overall finance charges were really high. When I calculated it manually it was sub $750.

I’ve never seen a finance charge that high for BMW. Do you have tier 1 credit?

Yes about 800 or so.

Wow, like everyone else said, run away. That massive doc fee + dealer add on charge doesn’t help either