2018 BMW X4 M40i

Folks need help. Scouting for a X4M. Is the below a good deal? First time leaser.

MSRP - $67,300 - fully loaded
Selling Price - $60,970
10K miles/year - 3 yr
$1500 cash down
$865/month Including tax.

Seems pretty high to me…please advise what would be a good deal.

Is this a new 2019 model or an old one?

This is the old one. MY2017 but 2018 model.

The new 2019 model will be out somewhere in June 2018.

Numbers don’t look good.

  1. What does $1500 include?
  2. What’s the MF and res?
  3. Get a bigger discount
  4. Any rebates?

The new model is around the corner, they should give you a much better deal. I got mine for under $600.

I got the quote over email. Dealer didnt share the MF/RV, neither the split of $1500.

I’m gonna meet the dealer tomorrow to get complete details. He promised me additional rebates though.

Did you a get fully loaded model under $600? 10K or 12K miles?

No, I got a $65000 car, with no lightning package. Yes, 10 per year.

That’s an awesome deal! Did you put anything down, MSDs?

What does this mean? Isn’t that contradictory?

Manufactured in 2017, but marketed as a 2018 model. That’s how it works in the auto world I guess .

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To my understanding, MY2017 means Model Year 2017, which is sold/marketed as a 2017.

I doubt that. For example 2019 X4M model will be out this July’18 which is MY2018 but its being marketed as 2019 model. Correct me if I’m wrong.

MY means model year, not the year it was manufactured

Ohk :slight_smile: thank you for educating me. My ignorance.

Below is the final my dealer is offering me- let me know if this is a good deal.

MSRP- $67,295
Sell Price - $58,951
MF - .00166
Residual balance - $40,377
Zero down
12K/36 months

Is this ok? I thought this is still high