2018 BMW x4 Lease

MRSP: 54,895.00
Sale Price: 51,800
Tax Incentives: 4000
Residual: 60%
Amount due at signing: ~3900, including taxes and first month payments, etc
Monthly: 529

Just wanted to check if this a good deal? From my calculation it seems like it’s a solid offer.

assuming it’s a 36 month lease your effective is around $640. While I’ve seen X4’s around this range it’s not the worst but not a bargain either. It also doesn’t meet the 1% rule commonly referenced here, but I don’t think X4 leases that well

I wouldn’t say that it’s a solid offer. Try to get more off the sales price. thats a pretty big down!

I thought the 1% rule is based off the MSRP?

It is, it’s also usually based on 0 down. You have $3900 due at signing

Not a good enough deal in my opinion. I would keep searching for larger discounts

What would be considered a good deal? If I bring down the amount due at sigining or the monthly payment? Is there a amount I should aim for in both of these cases?

Something like $1300 signing with low to mid 400’s monthly.

The 2018 X4 is also an old model. They should be releasing the redesigned 2019 X4 in June/July making it possible to get a much larger discount on 2018s upwards of 20% off MSRP. If you can wait, you may want to.

You aren’t getting 20% off of a new 2018 x4.

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In December/January with the redesigned 2019s out you can. Same thing happened with the X3s.

Loaner X3s not many new ones. And the X4 is a very niche vehicle like the X6, and there aren’t too many discounts on them. Personally, I love the X4 M40i

Doesn’t seem like there is much budget room from the multiple dealers I have talked to. Have only been able to get it down to 520 with the same 3900 due at signing.

I’m currently on a lease ending at the end of July, 320i xDrive. I can technically wait until the end of July for the new 2019 to come out, which are really nice. I would like the 2019, but not sure if it’s worth the extra cost. Do you think it would be worth just waiting it out and getting the 2018, the price should drop. The question is also about stock since they don’t really make that many of the X4, there aren’t alot of options out there.

Dont put money down only first month and tags

I am in NY and from what I read it is one of the few states that require you pay the sales tax up front.

Do not take this deal. Invoice on this car is around $51,875 you should be shooting for MINIMUM $1,500 back of invoice. If they sell is for $49,800 then I would take it.

Yea the other deal I was given the sale price is 49,450, with 520 monthly. I am thinking I might just wait it out until july, which is when my lease anyways. Then the loyalty would be applied to car instead of my remaining lease payments. By then the 2019 would also be out so this should be even cheaper.