2018 BMW X3 M40i

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Hey just wanted a quick opinion on this deal.

2018 BMW X3 M40i

MSRP: $65,020
Selling Price: $56,207 (after all the incentives)
MF: .00182
RV: 59%

Down $2,995 + Taxes + Fees

Monthly Payment: $579

I want to see if I can do $0 down and keep the same monthly payment.

So you want to know if there is $3000 more discount left in this deal?

What incentives are included? There is no lease credit, so at most you have Recent Grad, Conquest/Loyalty, OL, etc. That’ll help us understand if there is room.

That said, I’d be surprised if there was $3000 in room left in this deal.

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Well based off TrueCar the same speced out X3 M40i is discounted by $7,650 without incentives.

I can play with recent grad and conquest if there is any.

OK - I must not be clear. Does the sale price you provided actually include any incentives that you qualify for, or is it straight dealer discount? You say after all incentives, but don’t indicate what you incentives are included and what they total up to you.

Generally, it seems a 12% discount prior to incentives is a good deal. I think at most you’ll see 13% before incentives.

Well I was emailed with the offer and the incentives weren’t disclosed. But the lady told me the selling price was after all the eligible incentives. But I have a feeling the recent grad and conquest incentives haven’t been added.

So should I push for 13% off and then ask them to apply for all eligible incentives?

why don’t you start by asking what incentives they included. That way you have a better understanding of what dealer discount is currently before incentives.

Dealers usually make up to 12% of MSRP (depending on brand) on their end before incentives-your discount comes from this value. If you don’t know what the breakdown is of discount vs incentives, there’s nothing we can do here to help.

Do you qualify for recent grad and conquest? If not, that’s probably why they wouldn’t be applied. However, if you did graduate within the last 24 months, or will within the next 6 months, and have a competing lease, then you should try to get those rebates applied as well.

If you think they will just take another 2000 off and call it recent grad and conquest, that won’t happen. They only get that money from the manufacturer if they can prove you qualify for those rebates.

Do you mind PM me with dealer info. I am in this region and in the market for the same.

You can get 15% off on a 2019 here in the SE.

Ok so I just spoke with the lady so this is the new selling price: $58,705

This includes 1k for recent grad and 1k for conquest.

$56,705 after incentives

So essentially they gave me ~10% discount on MSRP and then slapped an additional 2k worth of incentives.

So those are the numbers :+1:t4:

And added 500 dollars to the selling price.

No I don’t qualify for loyalty which is 1.5k so that’s where $500 more came from. Instead of 2.5k worth of incentives I only get 2k.

Where at? 10char

BMW of Columbia (SC). Many dealers in the area are willing to negotiate but they’ll beat any quote you have by $500. My buddy just picked up his x3 m40 a few weeks ago. This car was on the lot.

Great deal, im gonna start checking out their inv :slight_smile: whod you work with? mind PMing a contact for me to reach out to?

OP - You’re at a roughly 10.5% discount before incentives. I think you can do better by another $1000-$1500.

Walked out of BMW of Columbia with a bad taste in my mouth. Can’t wait to see his face when I drop by in my F80 M3. Was working deal with them on a 330e…

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What kind of deal did you get on your M3? I am looking for one right now and would really appreciate if you could share some info (MSRP, selling price, etc). Thanks man!