2018 BMW X3 Lease Opinion?

Hi All:

Thoughts on this deal? I talked to a couple dealers and couldn’t swing a zero drive off; however, fees/acquisition, down payment, and first month are in the cash at signing.

2018 X3 m30i
MSRP $58670
Selling $55003
Adjusted Cap $51042
Residual: 59%
Tax Rate: 6.25%
MF: 0.00152
Mileage: 10k
Payment: $597
Payment+Taxes: $635
All fees+first payment+down payment: $3500
State: Massachusetts

I’d push for more off the sales price.

Also, what about either loyalty ($1.5k) inventive, Corp Fleet, or North East Incentive ($1k)?

Promotion in the north east right now with an extra $1k off, just register for it: http://twinfarms.eventsbmw.com/.

Not a great deal. However it’s a brand new car after a nice refresh, and an m40i (I assume that’s what you meant to put?), so not going to be a very big push off MSRP beyond the rebates.