2018 BMW X3 Deal Evaluation and Suggestions

Hi Everyone!

Im looking at leasing a DEMO 2018 BMW X3. The current milage on the car is actually around 4500.

Im attaching the lease sheet the dealer sent. This is a first pass and i haven’t negotiated anything yet. The numbers on this lease sheet to me are ridiculous. I was wondering what is a good price to target for this car. This car will be registered in cook county Illinois so it is not subject to the additional Chicago usage tax.

I dont know what the MF being charged is, but i do know thanks to this forum ,that the current buy rate is .00166 so i will be sure to ask for that.

Any help would Greatly Appreciated!

Never Mind, Dealer wouldn’t budge at all. “We’re a one price shop” $3500 discount on a Demo/Loaner with 4500 miles.

What a joke, you could find a better deal on a new one. They’re only $5k short on the discount…lol

yea, i thought it was pretty pathetic. I found a dealer about 40 miles away. He has brand new ones $52.235 msrp already discounted to $46,123. Going to try and make a deal with them tomorrow.

That’s a legit deal, over 11% off, just don’t let them mark up the MF and use Costco and OL

So apparently the price had all the rebates priced in. A lot of which most people wouldn’t qualify for. Im looking at another loaner it has 4800 miles on the clock with a MSRP of $53,095. The sales price is $50,577. What is a good price to target. The rebates i have on hand are conquest $1000, Costco $500 and BMW corporate fleet $500. Any Help would be appreciated.

Sent you a pm on a lead

thank you! 202020202020