2018 BMW X2 xDrive - thoughts on #s?


Looking at a lease deal on a 2018 BMW X2 xDrive w/ Navigation Business package (+heated seats).
36m / 10k miles.
Feedback appreciated.

MSRP: 41495
Sale price: 35495
MF: .00177
Acq fee: 995
Lease credit (taxed? untaxed?) - $4750 (think this is the full lease credit + conquest as I drive an Infiniti)
Doc fee: 579
Tax/tags: 328.37

Is this a new BMW or a Fart car/ loaner ?

New / non-fart - loaner

That’s a good payment on a new one!.

Do MSD to lower your interest rate. Nice deal.

Are MSDs worth it on 3 year deal? Haven’t plugged into lease calculator, but assuming it’d be 2100 or close, do you typically save more than if you stuck that 2100 in a 3-4% cd for 36 months?

idk who you are but I have to thank you I took your deal and presented it in the SoCal area here is what I have

MSRP: $39,012.00
Discount: $5,100.00
Rebate: $4,250.00
Adjusted Price: $29,662.00
Balance: $30,744.80
Monthly: $260.00 36/10miles
W/BMW Care $292/monthly
(Don’t Pay more then 33.00$ monthly for brakes and routers on the finance side)
Incentives: Costco: Included and doubled (Idk how)
Student: 1000$(not included)
Leasehakr score 8.2
All together 10k of MSRP