2018 BMW X2 Xdrive lease


Hey new to the site, I’ve been looking to lease a new X2 36month 12k a year. This is the best deal I’ve gotten in the NY area, is this a good deal?

Are you coming out of pocket with the $5272?

no, just first month and the doc fee of 85

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I may be wrong…but looks like they are applying your rebate as a down payment.

What’s the monthly payment? It’s shouldn’t be more than $350.

Selling price is good.

Make sure you run the numbers waiving the aq fee and higher money factor of.00232 and see which is cheaper

437.02, I keep plugging the numbers into the calculator and thats what I get… but I don’t understand why its 437.02 instead

Initial payment should be 995+10+First month +tax on the 4750. Tell them to change the initial payment to that and it should be a good deal

So for some reason they don’t take the range off of the price but add it as a part of the payment