2018 BMW X2 xDrive Lease - Feedback wanted

Model : 2018 BMW X2 xDrive
MSRP : $51050 -
Cap Reduction: $4550 Discount + $4250 Rebate
MF: 0.00188 doing 7 MSD
Res: 58%
Score: 9 Years
Region: SoCal

Tried to get more % off but the dealer is at their max of 9%. From what I’ve seen on the forums this seems to be an okay deal. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

doesn’t show the payment.

also what’s the breakdown of the 4250 rebate?

Sorry. I knew i forgot something. Monthly Payment with tax: $505

Rebates. 1000 Conquest / 3250 Not sure what that one is called.

payment seems high

Is the MF 0.00188 after 7 MSDs? This is 36/10? Dealer can do at least 12% if not higher because of how many options are on that car.

MF is .00161 after the MSD. This is 36/12 @ 58% Res.


For a 2018 that seems high, have you found the vehicle on cargurus.com and checked how long it’s been for sale? That might help inform you whether you have more leverage. Is it the M Sport trim?

We’ve been spoilt a little bit with some excellent X2 deals in the last 6 months in the $2xx and $3xx ranges (some were loaners/demos though) which make this look worse. Once you get to $500p/m then you’re firmly in X3 or Audi Q5 territory which are in the class above, and have much better rear space, more features, etc.

If you can find an ex-demo/loaner you could save a lot more, but not many of them are M Sport trim.