2018 BMW X2 sDrive28i Loaner for $170+Tax $0 Drive Off (OL Code, Loyalty Applied)

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Hello Hackers,

Thanks for all the inputs, knowledge and suggestions :slight_smile: I signed the below for a loaner with 4003 miles on it with convenience package(moonroof, lumbar support, keyless entry, etc). $0 drive off and one way ticket from CA to NV and no MSDs. I did not have college Grad but had OL code.

Please Rate my deal.

MSRP: 42710
Price: 31455
Rebates: 5000
OL Code Credit: 1000
Payment: 170+tax
24 Months / 10k Miles

We went to dealership by 8 and left by 11 PM as they had 2 other before us to finish the paperwork but still happy.

They had asked $13 extra for 3 years and I stick to 2 years. They quoted me initially for $196(including tax) without the OL code and when we applied the code it only took $12 off with $184(incl tax). Donno why and they said this is credit and not rebate so works differently.

Asked $1599 for wear and tear protection which I refused. $8 extra pm for Maintenance plan which again I refused but they said there is rebate for that too and applied it for free and made the payment $1 less :slight_smile:


congrats, i would have taken the 3 yr lease at that payment and kept for another year as it might be difficult to get such a good payment on a BMW in 2 years from now.

Otherwise looks like a slam dunk especially without MSDs.