2018 BMW X1 Loaner M-Sport

My 320i xdrive lease is ending this month and was looking for something with more room. This also included them paying off my last payment. The inspector said the windshield has a small crack that needs to be replaced rather than fixed. Feel like this is pretty high for a loaner?

2018 BMW X1 with M-Sport package, AWD. 3,814 miles

MSRP: $46,395
Selling Price: $40,185.00
Monthly Payment: $574.11
Cash Due at Signing: $1130.87
Incentives: $2000 (Loyalty and lease cash)

Annual Mileage:10k
MF: .166
Residual: 27,373.05


Did you laugh in their face when they offered an X1 Loaner for 575??? You should have …

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Haha ya I did. Said best they could do etc. Walked out.

If you’re able to pickup the car from out of state you’re probably best contacting dealers in Socal.

Ya likely not able to. What should be a reasonable monthly payment on an m-sport version? Didn’t see any on here.

This would be roughly comparable: (Signed) 2018 BMW X1 Loaner

Problem is you’ll pay a premium for the M-Sport package. I’d look at getting another $3-4k off but if your area is not very competitive they’re unlikely to play ball, especially if it’s not been on the market long.

+1 to the msport costing more. Most dealers don’t carry the X1 w/ msport, let alone a loaner. So some of them up charge for it.

I think I might look in SoCal as suggested. Was pretty set on the m-sport but not for $575 a month.

My current X1 lease (which i did before i ever thought of hacking or anything so no incentives/etc) is $361 a month with only standard tax/1st month/etc due ($0 cap reduction).

Thanks for that! What packages do you have?

2015, everything except the HK sound and M sport, so cold weather, lighting, drivers assist, sport,
prem, tech,

So I was talking to another dealer over text about 1.5 hours away from me. They offered me a brand new X1 with M-Sport for $499 36/10k zero down/zero drive off and pay my last remaining payment. Reasonable or keep looking?

For an X1 with M-Sport in/close to AZ I don’t think you’ll get much better without heading out to Cali. If you’re sold on that car and trim it looks good.

Have you looked into the X2? Looks like they are leasing slightly better than X1.

X2 would be the better lease value right now. However, if cargo space is valued, the X1 would have more.

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So got the original dealer I went to on a 2018 X1 m sport and convience package loaner with 3k with zero down/zero drive off 36/10k for $499 a month and take over my last remaining payment. To be honest I like this model much more than the other mentioned above.