2018 BMW X1 Loaner Lease Negotiation


A local BMW dealer in NY has a few 2018 X1 Loaners for sale. I contacted one via email and asked for their best lease. I have attached their proposal. I asked about Residual, MF, and other incentives.

MF is 0.00217
Residual on 36/12K is $22,554 which is 58%
He said he can add $750 for Conquest which would bump from $3,250 to $4,000.

Is there anything else I can do? it looks like he is giving me 13% off MSRP, I am going to ask for 20%.

First time negotiating with the tools from this site. Any help would be much appreciated.

This is the calculator I came up with based on his proposal.

MF is marked up, ask for buy rate of .00177, provided you have tier 1 credit.

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+1 to the above, MF is jacked. There is wiggle room on this deal and BMW has precisely 3 weeks of lease support left on 2018 models. He can do better. Please post updates!

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New to the forums and have been researching deals similar to above. What is this end of lease support that I have seen mentioned in similar deals?

End of lease support can mean either they will stop allowing them to be leased entirely…or rebates will go away and/or RV drops, making payments skyrocket.

I am negotiating a lease with a local dealer and comparing to numbers I am seeing on here. The local dealer said he can “work his magic” if I can get something in writing from another dealer showing these offers.