2018 BMW M550i Lease

Would appreciate thoughts on this deal. What % off MSRP should I be looking for on the 2018 and 2019’s ?

2018 BMW M550i X drive
83,185 MSRP
77,384 Sale Price
61% Residual
.00166 MF
$2805 Sales Tax
$304 Reg Fee
$925 Bank Fee
$499 Doc Fee
$6 Tire Tax

$2000 Down (including 1st Payment)
$2000 Loyalty

$998 Month


11-15% Off at least. This is a terrible deal

I am considering 2019, zero down 17K/36 mo for 1085 $ /month .
thoughts ?

What is the MSRP and sale price ?

I think you can do a little better. I ordered mine a couple weeks ago. Has a MSRP of $87,135. I put $1000 down and am paying $999 month for 36/12K. I would shoot for $1000 month.

Residual is prob what 56%? I’d do 15k @ 58% and just buy miles before lease end. Also does the discount include the rebate?

yes rebate included.
I def need more than 15K .

thank you , this helps

@54321 I’m not sure where in the country you are, but I’m sure you can get a substantially better deal than this. I’d reach out to @DroseBMW who works at Passport BMW in Maryland. I’ve done a number of deals with him and he’s always taken care of me.

I think you should be able to get the sales price down, which would reduce your monthly payments. Not sure how much they will discount the M550, but its worth an email to find out. Also, @DroseBMW can ship the car to your house.

Gladly , Can you please give me the email and phone number ?

@54321 Just sent you Daniel’s details via private message.

Thanks ! I have contacted him

Cool! Let me know if you need any help. Best of luck!

Can you also send me his email and phone #? i am in the market for a 540i and NJ Dealers are crooks. Thanks in advanced!

Considering the spread between invoice and MSRP is 6% and below the line money is 4-6% depending on how the dealership operates… not sure where a target of more than say 11% (before incentives) is coming from… and also why dealers that say no to 12% and beyond off, are considered not to be playing fair (putting it mildly)? If a contractor charges $2,100 for a home improvement project that actually costs $1,500 in labor and materials to do and is offered $1,200, they will say no. I know I would. Wouldn’t you?

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@Mcatt28 I just sent you a PM with Daniel’s contact info.

Hi everybody,

I’m also looking for a good deal for BMW M550i in CA bay area.
I have just got a terrible one from the BMW Steven’s Creek, they gave me only the rebate discount of $1000.

@rkinra could you shoot me Daniel email as well?

Thanks in advance!

That’s hilarious.

yeah, it’s.

I tried to negotiate with them but they said no discounts for this specific model… :frowning: