2018 BMW M3 lease (input appreciated)



Any input on the following deal?

Just under 4,000 miles on the car.

Thanks for your time!


Looks like a great deal!

Good deal! Looking for the same car, could you share the dealer info?

Holy cow that’s good. You sure you don’t wanna have that awesome beast for more miles or a longer term?!

My current lease is ending soon and I’d like to get the next M3/M4 when it launches. From what I’ve seen, that likely will be late next year. So 24 months works much better for me than 36 for this lease cycle.

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great deal

Are you sure the price you are using in the calculator doesn’t include rebates? I’m guessing they do.

that’s an insane deal

Good deal…effectively comes out to 850/mo.

I don’t get your math how is this effectively 850 a month? and if you’re right it’s not a good deal anymore.

Roll in 6% MD taxes (full purchase price tax), 0 drive off, and you are at 850.

Annnnd that’s why, seemed like a unicorn deal until taxes were factored in. Still not bad for a 24 month.

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The calculator clearly already show tax included for Minnesota.

Ok found the car unless this Bmw dealer is the only one that doesn’t include rebates the op is double counting the incentives.

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Quick update, ended up getting the car this weekend. Numbers shifted around very slightly due to a High Mileage Adjustment (4,000 miles on it). $599 monthly payment with just over 3K down for tax, tabs and first payment.


Looks like a great deal to me!

that is still low 700s effective, very good deal imo