2018 BMW M3 - good deal or not?

Hi there! Hopefully you all could give me some insight on the deal they’ve offered me. This is from a dealer in New Hampshire, I live in CT.

2018 BMW M3 with competition package & DCT & apple carplay only

36 Months/12k year

MSRP: 75945
Savings: 8227 (includes college grad rebate - 1k + bmw lease rebate - 2k)
Sales price: 67717
DOC fee: 172
Out of state DMV reg fee: 200

subtotal: 68089.6
sales tax: 5509
title fee: $27

Total: 73626

Monthly payment: $823.67 @ $3525 drive off

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Any help will be much appreciated

What is residual in this. This looks like beginning of decent deal. And this must be tulley in NH?

60%. 0.00156 MF

On Edmunds they are saying the lease rebate is $3k but nothing comes up on Autobytel.

I think the first thing would be the discount is only 6% when you take rebates out, that’s nothing special you should push for more. I’m also not clear on how you get to that big of a drive off when the doc and other things are so low, there may be CCR in there.

OP plug your deal details into the LH calculator and post it here

I think he’s financing it. I would also ask OP if he got an OL code (St Moritz sweepstakes) for NE dealers.

Residual is 60% I believe

36k / 12k miles

MSRP: 75945
Sales price: 70718 (7%)
Money Factor: .00156
DOC fee: 172
Out of state DMV reg fee: 200

down payment: 2000
taxed incentives: 3000
Residual: 60%
sales tax: 6.35%