2018 BMW M3 CS $843 + tax 36/10k 4k DAS

Posting this feeler as I am about to close on my house and would prefer to transfer out of my CS.

San Marino Blue
Monthly $843 + tax
Downpayment 4k
30 months remaining
10k a year.
MSRP $102,395
Residual $62,460

Car has KW HAS kit, M Performance interior upgrades, and some light coding (convenience features). Currently has 5000 miles and is on track to remain at 833 miles/month. 30 months left on the lease.


Beautiful car. Good luck. I think being over a dime a month effective with tax may make this more SwapALease material, but I could be wrong.


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Thanks! I will give it a shot on swap a lease as well.

Love the color! I would love to do the car but Is the DAS negotiable?

Beautiful color.

Where in FL are you ? Also does the 4k down include any msd by any chance or is it pure downpayment?

I am in Miami-Dade. The lease does not have any MSD.

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Great looking car…in FL too✔️

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If the tags from Bramans, I may have spotted you on i-95 in the mornings… Have the same car :smile:
GLWS fellow SM CS owner :slight_smile:

Lovely, thumbs up!

not me but love the CS - priorities come first though :unamused:

I agree. They do.

Can you send me the build sheet?

Did you end up selling it

Not yet, have some offers but nothing solid.

Did u just drop it off for service at FLL ? Dropped mine and saw the my cars twin. Even service guy was like, what are the odds of 2 cs being dropped off and have exact same color :rofl:

No that wasn’t me, but it was my buddy who also has a CS.