2018 BMW M3 Competition


Appreciate the feedback on the deal I’m trying to close.

MSRP: $81095
Discount: $15642
Lease Rebate: $3500
Grad Rebate: $1000
MF: 0.00177
MSD: 7
New MF: 0.00142
Mileage penalty: $900 (Exec Demo, 3500 mi)
RV: 66%
Term: 24
DAS: $3000 (not including first month)
Monthly $550 (incl 6.625 Tax)
MSD: $3850

Total cost of Lease: $16,200
Avg Monthyl: $675

I couldn’t put this in the calculator because I can’t find a place to put the mileage penalty. If I play around with the numbers a little bit I’m at 12.7 yrs


Seems very strong… always a little cautious with M3 demos since you don’t know how hard it was driven… I wouldn’t want one from their driving events for example.

To use the calculator for a loaner, just subtract the $900 from the expected residual, then divide that number with the MSRP. Should be like 64.5%

What is the $3K down going towards? Seems like a lot of tax is built into monthly payment.

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dont forget to adjust the tax to 7.025%

Seem like a really good deal to me.
I personally haven’t seen a better deal.

Are loaners considered “new” to the state of NJ? I didn’t think so but could be wrong

$925 acq fee, $200 etch fee, $699 doc fee, $600 DMV and lux tax, $500 I’m guess is cap cost reductions

Why 7.025?

b/c your cap cost triggers luxury tax in NJ

Yea I already included that in the down

Looks great. Can you stack an OL code for an extra $500/$1000?

I don’t have an OL code :frowning:

can you get one from here: Instructions on how to get a BMW OL incentive - March 2019

I can’t find one for New Jersey unfortunately

it doesn’t have to be from a dealership near you. I live in Seattle and have gotten OL codes from dealerships on the East coast and California before, just by signing up for their events.


If anyone would like this deal, please let me know. I may not proceed with it.

PMed but why oh why are you not taking it!!!

Do you have the window sticker? I assume the car is a DCT based on the MSRP?

mods lock this thread. I have first dibs on this!!!

well second dibs since I do hope OP changes his mind and gets this steal of a deal

LOL, if it’s a DCT, which I’m assuming it is based on the price, I’m not interested.