2018 BMW M3 6spd with ZCP Percent Off?

With March coming to a close, what should I aim for percent off an in-stock 2018 BMW manual M3 with ZCP before any incentives? The MSRP is a touch over $78,000. I’ve heard that lease support is ending this month, but I also heard that last month. Instead, support continued and there was a slight decrease in MF, as you all know.

Not sure but you should tell me where it’s at :slight_smile:

I’m aiming for 12% (before incentives), but want to know if there’s any more meat on the bone? I assume at this point in the model’s life it’s a big gamble for dealers with cars sitting on the lot. If BMWNA stops lease support, they’re going to have a really hard time moving these cars.

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Well the dealer would not discount the car more than the original 6.4% off. Said he would rather let the car rot on the lot than sell it for a loss?!?

Let us see it rot then!!!

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