2018 bmw loaner lease


just saw the dealers are able to lease 2018 bmw and called one dealership but they said it’s only for new models not the loaners. can anyone confirm that? I’m in MD

AFAIK not true but loaners aren’t worth leasing past 5K mi. No incentives and nasty RV drop.

they are below 5k and i saw there’s a 4.5k incentive currently on the 2018 330i on edmunds

Yeah I reached out to a dealership today in Maryland and there fixing terrible discount on it <18% pre incentives, on the 2018 loaner 330 we might be talking about the same one. Also he told me that the rebate including loyalty is a total of 4500

The car was a 330 with 4500 miles 2018 model

The dealership told me that there still is lease support on loaner 3 series in maryland

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Probably but the one im looking at has ~30% off :smile:

Damn 30% and under 5k?

Almost 5k

Well then lease it lol what are you waiting for, however if the dealer isn’t leasing out 2018s that’s probably why they are offering that much of MSRP,
However the. Dealer I talked to in MD told me he’s still leasing out 2018 3 series

the mod on edmunds replied with
“I don’t see any lease support for the 2018 model, in your area.”
guess the dealerships are not lying :cry:

I’m tracking there is no lease support for the 18 3 series in MD. What dealer are you talking to? I’ll lease one today if they are.

If they claim they can lease new 18’s, they should be able to lease ex-loaner 18’s <5k miles. Shop other dealers in the area to confirm the lease credit in your region.