2018 BMW i3s 30 month lease $292 + tax, $1900 drive off

2018 BMW i3s — Only addition on top of base model are w/Fluid back paint ($550) and BMWi Blue Seat Belt ($300, no, I didnt specifically ask for this)

**MSRP: $49,495 — 47650 + 550 + 300
**Selling Price: 44090
**Adjusted Capitalized cost: $34489.74 — 44090 - rebates (7500 + 2000 + 100???) [need to find out how the 500 corporate discount was applied]
**Monthly Payment + tax: $320
**Drive off: $1900

**Incentives: 7500 i3 + 2000 loyalty + 500 corporate

**Months: 30
**Annual Mileage: 12000
**MF: 0.00156
**Residual: 29697 (60%)

**Zip Code: Los Angeles County/Southbay
**Leasehackr Score: 13.6

[There is something funky with the calculator page. You have to refresh the automaker to make numbers update correctly]

I worked with Felix @FelixConcierge and Sahak of Concierage Auto Group and it was a smooth transaction.

Thanks to this forum for all the great info and all the responses via PMs. Please keep sharing. This is truly a great resource.

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Something feels off here but all my i3s are 60k+.

Thank you for your business!

Nearly 400 dollars a month for an I3, with loyalty and fleet? Why didn’t you go for a 2017

yea…this is regular price!

Oh in NY these go for a lot cheaper and bmw numbers are national

Thanks for all the feedback…mostly from other brokers.

I didnt factor in ca state and sce rebates.

There are only 8 2017 i3 within a 500 mi radius of socal so people should get on it to get that $200/month bimmer like the other post.

Maybe the forum should host a broker shootout…ready, set, post!

The i3s is new for 2018.

Don’t have anything of a low msrp to quote you on but on a 51.5k msrp. I could match your deal. So figure another $800 in your deal.

Why didn’t you get a 2017 if you’re recommending someone else to get it for “$200/month bimmer?”

I didnt think about a 2017 because of the low inventory when i decided to lease one last friday. Im mentioning to others who may want to see if they can get one of 8 remaining 2017 within 500 mi of socal. The other thread on the ~200/mo i3 wasnt too long ago and dealers must be even more motivated to move them now right? So i hope people post about them.

I calculated a LH score of 13.8 for your quote vs 13.6 before CA or SCE rebates. Does this include your broker fee? This is for a 2018 BMW i3s, not a 2017, right? I just want to capture the right details so when folks read this thread, they have the info to make informed decisions.

This is indeed a better deal if it does include your fee.

This is my deal from NY dealer selling to NJ resident (NJ has no sales tax for EV)

2018 i3 Tera World and Nav. 20" wheels
$55,600 MSRP
$7,500 NJ State EV Rebate
$2,000 Loyalty (I have a current BMWFS lease)
$3,500 Dealer Discount (volume)
$1,000 College Grad

24 months
$2,000 out of pocket drive off
$350 a month
10k miles

Is this any good?

6% off is not very good. Shoot for at least 10%.

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Not sure where you are located but I think 10% off MSRP is easily achievable.
Negotiate 12-15% dealer discount the deal will be sweater.

Changing the car now.

i3s black/black $52K MSRP.
Lease should be in the $275 mark
$10500 in rebates (college grad, loyalty, state ev rebate)
@ dealer discount of 12%

24 month @ 10k miles
$2k out of pocket drive off
$275 doable?

Not sure what your question is.

Dealer discount of 12% is good (negotiate more if you wanted a lower monthly payment)
Rebate of $10,500 is the norm and will be different for others, look into OL code. But not sure what you mean by the state ev rebate?
The state ev rebate is a rebate you receive from the state and it does not directly apply to the cars lease.
However, you can put the rebate as a down payment to lower your payment…

You need at least 30 months to qualify for the state rebate.

Find out the MF/Residual value.
Find out what the 2k due @ signing is… I don’t think $2000 will be all drive offs might have a cap cost reduction in there (down payment).

Where are you located?

Also in the market for a 2018 i3 in SoCal. I got the same offer of 3500 discount, 7500 rebate, and 2000 loyalty. Is 10-12% off MSRP the norm in socal?

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Do you have inventory on the s model, thanks Sam

I have a 2018 I3s rex msrp $59k with $3700 due at signing my monthly was negiotated down to $385.00 plus 2 years of free charging at EVgo and bmw dealerships.

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thanks Lucas, I am looking for a BEV.