2018 BMW i3 REX in FL. $99 a month till last day of 2019. $1.4k down and $700 MSD. Loaded



No longer that rule in GA. You pay taxes only on the lease amount in GA from Jan 2017 like most other states


I would double check about registering a previously title car (ie. lease xfer or loaner)


The seats are quite possibly the worst ever made. It gives me back problems too


I believe on a previously driven car such as Demo, Loaner etc…The new rule won’t apply and you would have to pay tax on the fair market. Better to lease new here.


I don’t really understand what this about. However, I know I pay $99 a month with tax.

I had given up for assumption another BMW a while back and payment only adjusted by how much the tax bracket of the new lessee is.


I’ve lowered the down to $14.k which is an effective monthly payment of $230 for 11 months.

Last adjustment here before I put it on Swap a Lease.


As Dealhackr mentioned, I have to check now if the taxes will involve paying the fair market value. I will get back on that soon.


Would love to get this, but since I’m located in Seattle shipping cost and time would be a deal killer. Bummer


@RichardW, just PM’d you


@RichardW PM’d you. Up in Jacksonville.


@RichardW PM’d you, I’m in Miami.


Just pmd you I am in Philadelphia pa


Sorry guys, change of plan and will be keeping the car instead.

Too much of a financial hit so will keep it as a 4th/5th car for when needed.


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