2018 BMW i3 REX in FL. $99 a month till last day of 2019. $1.4k down and $700 MSD. Loaded



Took over this lease barely 2 months ago on a whim and I simply have no use for this car!

11k miles left on lease. Has big screen NAV, tech package with active cruise, moon roof, HK sound, simply loaded.



Did you make it from NJ to FL on one charge? :slight_smile:


One charge? No. A $700 mistake.


Does “loaded” mean no range extender?


Sorrry, spur of the moment posting, not very well thought out LOL

REX indeed


https://www.mdecoder.com/ look up VIN, indeed it does have range extender: I3 94 REX (USA)


I’m absolutely in love with that site, easy options lookup, which is why I posted the vin.


Based on your comments, I was assuming the limited range proved a problem for you. So what is the issue? Just curious as I always thought the extender was a pretty good solution.


I drive across central FL a lot, but with REX and many DC fast charge stations, range has NEVER been an issue.

My issue is my bad back! The i3 seats beat me up after less than an hour seat time, so I’m going back to driving my GT.


Ah. That sucks.


GT is very good…sad that it does not sell well :frowning:


GT is an awesome car in every way but for one fatal flaw! WEIGHT, the thing is heavier than my wife’s X3. I can’t stand the dynamics of heavy cars.


You mean 5GT…yeah it is quite heavy…I thought 3GT is much lighter, but not as comfy tho.


Yeah 5GT. Awesome car.


Can you bring it back up to NY/NJ? I would be interested in a NJ pickup. Also need to lower that 2k down. Maybe with 1k down.


Where in FL are you located? I am in Atlanta and if we can make it a drivable distance with better terms, I might be interested. PM me if you want to discuss.


Define “better terms”?


Just write a $1200 [remaining payments] check and return it to BMW. Easy peasy.



Thank you for a smartly entertaining comment :slight_smile:


I think youd have to pay tax on fair market value if registering it in GA