2018 BMW i3 Lease Deal - $160/month with $2,500 Down

I’ve been a long time reader and first time posting this. This is a great forum and learning a lot from here. I placed an order for the 2018 BMW i3 BEV with the following deal. Please let me know your thoughts…

**MSRP: $49,245
**Selling Price: $42,351 (13% + $500 Costco) = 14%
**Monthly Payment: $160
**Cash Due at Signing: $4,442.98 ($2,500 down + Tax/fees + 1st payment)
***** FYI: I will get $2,500 back from California clean vehicle rebate, there for “0” down
**MSD: 7x = $1,400
**Incentives: $2,000 loyalty + $7,500 Tax

**Months: 30 months
**Annual Mileage: 10K
**MF:0.00171 with 7x MSD (not very happy with the mark up but nothing I can do)
**Residual: 61%

**Region: Northern California
**Leasehackr Score: 17 years

I will also get $500 from PG&E and $1,000 from BMWCCA.


it looks good… could you pm me for dealer info?

I would also appreciate dealer info. please pm me

Probably it’s a decent deal for BMW i3 these days, but I’m not sure why would anyone lease this car when you can get Bolt for cheaper.

did you see what the 24mo numbers were?

you can get a bolt cheaper than $160/mo?

BMW of Mountain View

Bolt doesn’t have adaptive cruise control and I use it everyday commuting to work. I also looked into Honda Clarity but it will take 3 months

Looks like an awesome deal.

Where is this bolt deal for $160 you speak of??

No, I don’t have 24mo number as it will not qualify for California rebate

You realize this i3 deal isn’t $160 either, right?


Congratulations on your lease. could you please provide contact number of the salesperson at Mountain View? Thx

This is actually a very good deal!! I was talking to the same dealership, they only give me 8% Max for some reason… how you manage to get 13%?

I got my 2015 i3 from them and got 18% off the list. So based on prior experience. It took about 1 month back and forth via email.

Please advise dealership and contact.

Did you mean to reply to someone else?

Sorry about that. My apologies.

How much more on payment going from 10K to 12K?

Please PM me the dealer

Adaptive Cruise and a much nicer interior.