2018 BMW 640i GT lease transfer - Pristine! $85.5k MSRP - $625+tax - $1300 + $4900MSD



Here are the details
$625/month + tax
1050miles a month
33 of 36 months left

Looking for $1300 + my $4900 MSD upfront. Original MSRP was $85.5k

Included add ons:
3M Crystalline window tint (this stuff has superior heat rejection)
Full paint correction with 2 coats of ceramic coating

Carbon black metallic on Mocha Nappa leather
Bowers and Wilkins diamond surround stereo system
Luxury seating pkg (ventilated massaging seats)
Executive pkg (3d all around camera, head up display, soft close doors, gesture control)
M-sport pkg with 20 inch wheels
Heated front and rear seats and steering wheel
Ceramic controls
Piano black wood trim
Apple Carplay
Power reclining rear seats

Currently has ~5100 miles


should go pretty quickly. nice deal. although assuming you got it new, person is not getting new… they may haggle with the $1300 (+tax). Good luck. Beautiful car and mocha is great.


They aren’t getting new, but i think it looks better than it did when i got it. Still smells new! the 3M crystalline is not cheap and neither is a paint correction and ceramic coating. I did pay the drive offs (acq, doc, etc) up front as well. Thank you for the kind words


beautiful car, glws


Thank you sir!


First picture - I hope the sunroof is closed :grin:


These sure look a heck of a lot better after their redesign. Beautiful car! I don’t think the maintenance tansfers over to the new owner correct?


Another photo because why not, expect some questions about why the car is so shiny :slight_smile:

This shows the paint color and lack of swirls in the sun


Someone should jump on this before the OP changes his mind.

How often does one see a lease on a well-optioned, demo BMW? It will be difficult to replicate anything close to this now with the current money factor.


Definitely a nice car and the configuration doesn’t get any better than this.

I would strongly consider it if you are located in Norcal.


We can make this work


May we ask why you are saying goodbye after only a few months?


Who will bear the service cost over the rest of the lease ?


Of course you can. Friend is looking to swap his model X showroom deal (if you can call a Tesla lease a deal) lease and my wife really wants it. So if I can transfer this i will take the Tesla. I love the GT and it is by far the best BMW I’ve had (my 9th one), but you know what they say… happy wife…


Im confused by the question, doesn’t the person driving the car (leasee) bear any costs associated?


Where is this located?

Regarding service costs - aren’t those included in any BMW lease??


AZ, but travel to socal a lot, so listed both places.


I think what they mean is that BMW includes free maintenance if you are the original owner/lessee. But it doesn’t transfer anymore (since 2015?) so any buyer/transferee does not get the benefit and will pay out of pocket for service. That makes it a value differentiator between getting it new and getting it used/transferred. Obviously, up to the individual buyer/transferee to decide how much of a value it is to them.


You can upgrade to full maintenance for $600 which transfers if you wish. Up to buyer. Included Maintenance only covers oil now which isn’t that valuable


All PM’s and emails replied. Also have video of ceramic coating hydrophobic properties in action which can be emailed.