2018 BMW 540i Lease numbers

Ok guys, spoke to local dealer. This is what I got from the 1st dealer. They kept convincing me its the best deal out there. I did not qualify for BMW loyalty or college grad. Will go to 2nd dealer today, see what they give me.

2018 BMW 540i RWD M Sport.
MSRP: $64,195
Discount: $3,000 (4%)
Rebate: $2,000 (3%)
CAP: $59,195 (7% off MSRP)
Acquisition: $925 (rolling into the lease)
MF: 0.00156
RV: 60%
36 months/ 12,000 a year

Total monthly payment = $890 w/tax enrolled.
Due at signing.

Seems really bad. Your input guys?

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