2018 BMW 530e xDrive

5750 discount has loyalty (2000) and fleet (500) included
3000 PHEV Incentive
61% residual
??? MF, GM said he couldn’t do the base .00166 MF

seemed pretty firm. Any advice on where I can go from here? Thanks

You need better dealer discount than $3250 on a $56k car that is not a very popular model. $542 with 0 down would make it a deal, as is I would pass on this offer…

The dealer contribution isn’t much considering almost all of your discount is rebates or credits. There is zero reason you can’t get base MF if you have good credit. It’s just extra profit for their finance department. Also, putting money down on a lease is a bad idea unless it’s for MSD’s, and you can’t do MSD’s with BMW anymore unless you are rolling them over from a other lease.

Are you sure there’s a $3k PHEV rebate? I’m pretty sure the 2018 530e doesn’t have any iPerformance rebate/incentive. There should be $2k lease credit and $2k loyalty rebate though.

Get a MBZ they have better deals.

Another dealer has labeled a $3000 rebate as well, I was under the assumption this is the PHEV incentive. My assumption was any loyalty and incentives would be under discounts. I’m a bit confused now

May BMW incentives:

There’s still some meat in that deal, can you shop it with other dealers?

attempting to, just emailed two other dealers in the area who actually have stock of the vehicle.

May incentive for the 530e is $500 lease credit and $2,000 lease loyalty credit. The additional $500 may be corporate fleet.