2018 BMW 530e Lease help

Hi guys, I’m in the middle of negotiating a lease for a 2018 530e in the Bay Area, ca. With 1,666.95 down, monthly payments are coming to 681.15. This is with 15k miles. Any input on whether this is a good deal or not would
Be greatly appreciated!

Check on Edmunds to confirm what buy rate MF should be - if I’m not mistaken, BMW buy rate is 0.00166, so they are marking that up by the max allowed.

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Yes you are correct about the markup. What I’m
Getting from Edmunds is .00146 MF and 59% residual.

The residual value would only vary if the trims are different on Edmunds vs. this deal. The dealer can’t arbitrarily change the RV.

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Got it. I think we can conclude that the MF was maxed out and not attractive. The salesman said they couldn’t change it and wouldn’t budge. Boo.

I got mine for $664/mo (including tax) for 36/15k; only first month’s payment was due at signing. Also, the MSRP for mine was almost $5k higher.

Don’t forget about the availability of the $1k BMWCCA rebate.

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Thanks for providing that info. I am working with another dealer who may be able to get me these numbers. I’ll also ask about the BMWCCA rebate.

If I have a car in stock that you like and looking to purchase before End of Month, I’ll do my best for you. PM if interested.

I can email you a .PDF of the cars in stock.

Thank you,

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Awesome, pinged you, just waiting to hear back. Thanks!

You are very welcome. The BMWCCA rebate is essentially a mail-in rebate; it’s something you’ll request after the sale. It took about two and a half weeks for my rebate check to arrive.

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You usually have to be a member for a year to get the BMWCCA discount. However, they are now letting you get the discount if you sign up for 3 years @ $134. Just make sure to sign up for it prior/on the day you get the car. You get $1K, which easily offsets the membership fee and some.



I ended up reaching out to @GAngellBMW and I can not express how happy I am with the outcome. He outperformed 3 other bay area dealership deals. Additionally his CS skills is above and beyond. Thank you Greg!

What was your final deal?

580/month but decided to go with 0 down option which came out to 630/month. Now I need to submit my BMWCCA docs, CA rebate, PGE rebate. Then wait until my plates come to apply for the Clean air access pass.

Was this a demo? What was the msrp? Looks like a good deal. Too bad BMW is not passing the “e” federal credit to the buyer. It should be required for them to do so, otherwise an incentive that is to promote e cars is used just for profit out of taxpayers pockets for BMW.

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Not a demo, still brand new all wrapped up. MSRP was 55,845. Are you referring to the clean air vehicle rebate of 1,500? It still gets it, I just submitted my app earlier today. Or, are you talking about federal money BMW gets from the govt to push “e” cars that we are not able to take advantage of?

“e” federal money we pay for BMW to keep. That should be illegal.

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BMW FS is the buyer of the car if you lease and as such, they get the rebate. You are just the leasee. If you buy the car, you get the fed rebate.

Why are they required to pass along the rebate to lease when they own the car? This is flawed logic. Some captives do to make the lease attractive, but nobody has to unless you purchase.

The purpose of the credit is to get the consumer to buy “e” cars. BMW keeping our tax money does not help the consumer.