2018 BMW 530e 36/12 $599/mo in Texas


2018 BMW 5series 530e
Owner’s choice

Mileage : 43

MSRP : $55845
Dealer discount : 8200.37
Rebate : 2000
Cap : 45644.63
TT&L : 3432.01
RV : 33507 (60%)
MF : Unknown
Monthly payment : $599
DAS : $599
No Conquest or Loyalty or college grad or USAA whatsoever rebate applied

$4,668 Federal tax credit… thats like $129 a month…
and… seems like $2500 PHEV rebate in Texas is all gone :frowning:

Idk why dealers lying so much. they said they don’t offer owners choice when i visit last month. they (3 different Sales Managers) even said they will close the owners choice program in march.
and then they keep emails me… for a month that they will do owners choice JUST FOR ME. (I call BS)

Btw it seems pretty good for me.
scheduled go sign it tomorrow.

Get one with options rather than a base vehicle. I love the 530e, but the tech is what makes it amazing.

I personally really wanted G70 3.3T or G80 3.8 sports… but their lease is ridiculous horrible :(((((((

Check out Doug DeMuro’s review of the 2019 G70 that he just posted. He likes the car, but I’ve gotta say — they haven’t changed much since 2015. It’s a nice car but it’ll get old quick. I am way more impressed with my 530e than my Genesis. The tech in the Hyundai is mediocre (middle of the pack) but it does a terrible job finding locations without a street address. You aren’t missing out on anything by skipping over Genesis. Not yet

Where in TX are you again? I wonder if a loaner from @MichaelPolak-BMWSA would be a better value.

I’m kinda lazy guy that wants adaptive cruise… lol Hyundai has like third best cruise technology in the world… Tesla - Mercedes - Hyundai ( my opinion )

What tech are you talking about exactly? The only thing I saw that might be interesting what the hand gestures and it was so bad at recognizing what I did that it offered no real value.

The hand gestures are great and pretty accurate for us. But more importantly the iDrive usability is so much better than Hyundai’s. The Hyundai voice command is rough (I couldn’t ever get it to find locations or hear me correctly), which wouldn’t matter too much if the menu didn’t have a half second delay for every key press — basically both options are subpar. The backup camera quality is good but not as crisp as the BMW, and the 10.25” screen is larger in the BMW which allows for nice split screen menus that Hyundai doesn’t have. The BMW seats are noticeably more comfortable and the interior looks much nicer.

Car and driver’s review of the infotainment is accurate:

the cartoony interface is clearly pulled from lesser Hyundai models… The touchscreen also had slow responses during testing, and our interactions were less intuitive than on competitors with user-friendly rotary controllers.

I loved my Genesis on pick up as it was the most tech I’d owned in a vehicle at the time (and I could live with the not-so-great infotainment), but my 530e is a significantly better car in pretty much every way. So it’s a very welcome upgrade for me.

You forgot to state the most obvious and maybe one of the most important things, G70 gets 22/30 MPG while 530e has a combined 79 MPGe!!!

These cars aren’t comparable- imo, you can compare 530i to G70 but not 530e because it’s a vastly different engine and cost of ownership!

Anyway, at 129 per month, it’s pretty hard to turn down. Enjoy!

Had a stripped Santa Fe as a rental which had adaptive CC and adaptive high beams, both of which worked very well.

LKAS also there but I shut it off.

I can imagine it freaking out people who don’t know it even exists, let alone expect it in their rental car.