2018 BMW 440i Gran Coupe (Signed)

I have never been into luxury sedans when i hit my grandpa years i might look into this 440I lol nice looking beamer.

Could you please send me the dealer info? Thanks so much!!

Good job, wish I could find a good deal similiar in east coast. I want a 430 coupe

Wow seems almost to good to be true, who does 20% off a new car maybe a loaner?

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Since you’re a fleet manager; Is this a real deal even if it’s a old unit. Would any dealer be so desperate to move one more unit for the end of the month?

Maybe on a service loaner with a accident. Not on a new car, you can get maybe 10%-12% of MSRP right now, since there is only about 5-6% profit from invoice.


That’s what i Thought. I got About 12% plus incentives. This guy named bmw ccw as his dealer. Isnt that just a car club association. Yeah there’s guys out there that just has to 1up the next guy. Thanks for shedding the light on this 1up guy.

beautiful job!!

Guys… Not a loaner, and where the hack did I mention CCA as the dealer??
Any one that asked for the dealer info was responded by private message: @martingale, @rj123456

What’s the point of having good deals posted if you’re getting beaten up for it?

Well I think what makes people question this is the 20% discount from MSRP before any incentives are applied.
This is one hell of a deal, possibly the best I have ever seen for a 440 GC.

@Samson Any thoughts on this? The dealer had to of lost on this one ?

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There’s 5.5% profit in the car, so yeah it’s a loss…

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Maybe the car had a birthday (I don’t understand why this would be the case given that it’s a beautiful car), but still I don’t know why they would sell it for that cheap a literal loss of $1,000’s. Amazing deal none the less.

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Yeah, it’s a per-deal loss. When I visited the dealership about a month later (helping out a friend getting this), they told me that I got the deal I got because they needed to get rid of the car. So I assume that overall it was better for them to lose money over it than having it in stock (and maybe not reaching some quota?).

Maybe, but I don’t understand the logic of giving away a white 440GC with M sport it’s not like it’s a bad build or anything, it will sell eventually.


Maybe they even accounted for the unit I was returning (2015 328i)? They got it one month before registration end, low mileage, not a scratch on it, and indeed they quickly sold it as a CPO for probably a very nice profit.

BTW. @Blackfintuna, you have an amazing piece! Looks like you have the 19" wheels (mine are 18") and red/aluminum interior which is very nice (mine is black/anthracite wood).

Im a Salesmanager for a car dealer. Even if its an old unit ,ugly color, undesirable build or meeting quota bonus levels; i cant sell the car for a few thousands less then a rock bottom loser deal. A few hundreds make sense but not a few thousands.

Yup, doesn’t really make sense.

Some places would opt to lose $3,000 on a car, but make a 5 figure bonus, depending on the dealer.

And now hordes of people will go running to their nearest BMW dealer trying to match this deal, then get pissed off at everyone at BMW when they get offered 10% off sticker. :roll_eyes:

Good unicorn deal OP!

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“Fine I’ll settle for 19.5% off”


can you send me dealer info too?

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