2018 BMW 440i GC Lease

Hi Guys,

I have a question, looking at going from current BMW loaner lease to 2018 BMW 440i GC new car lease. I am happy about the car, just wondering if these numbers look good. The final deal comes to $632 for 10K miles/36 months. The money factor seems high, not sure if that is correct or not.

MSRP: [$56765]
Sales Price: [$46935] (17% off MSRP)
Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MF: 0.00216
Residual: [57%]

Drive Off: 2395 [ 1st Month + Registration and dock fee + Acquisition Fee]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$632]

Sales Tax Rate: [9.75%]

LeaseHackr Calculator Link


The base money factor is .00166. I’d push for that.

That looks like a good discount. Would you be able to share which dealer?

You are correct about the base mf but it appears op is either tier 2 or waived the bank fee for a mf add on which in this case would not be to his benefit. The max the dealer can mark up tier 1 to .00206

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If buy rate is 0.00166 can’t they mark it up to .00216? I thought it was a max .005 mark up. Also, the acquisition fee is listed in the drive offs, so the MF mark up was not to waive the bank fee.

Personally I wouldn’t pay that much for a 4 series

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That’s way too much money for a 440i

I think the max MF markup for BMWFS is .0004.

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Are all those numbers from the lease worksheet? Shouldn’t you qualify for at least $4k in rebates ($3k lease cash and $1k loyalty)? If it’s included in the sales price, then you are missing the tax on the rebates.