2018 BMW 430xi, is there more room in this deal?

Hi hackers,

I’m looking at a:

2018 BMW 430xi coupe
MSRP $54,000
$5,700 drive off ($3,700 is taxes and fees, $2,000 is cap cost reduction)
36 months/12k miles
Residual is $30,000

Is there room to bring the monthly down by $30 to $50?

If a car is in transit or at port, are dealers more willing to deal on them compared to ordering a car to your spec?

Thank you.

you have a bmw group discount certificate? if not pm me.

please don’t do any downpay.

if you roll everything into monthly (aka 0 upfront) your monthly is ~$680ish

pretty bad for 54k car but then you know current bmw leases are pretty terrible.

Hi there - I’m new here and can’t PM you - would you mind PMing me what this is about, I’m looking for a 3 series now - thanks!

Chris man you something else with these certificates. :slight_smile:

He’s just ruining it for all the legit people. If a bunch of dealers get their rebates rejected by corp, they’ll eventually just stop accepting all of them in general.

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…and screwing dealers…

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Tried testing my numbers with a leasing broker and he wasn’t able to get me a better deal. Looks like the current lease programs and incentives are just not great.

Hi Chris,
I’m also new here and can’t PM. Can you PM me about the BMW group discount certificate? I’m looking into a 4 series now for my first lease. Thanks Chris!

What is a BMW group discount certificate? Can you email me direct at tomsan2003@comcast.net. I am ready to turn in old lease and get new car this week